Mass convergence ahead.

a sign post with marketing and strategy on street like signsOf the myriad communication channels, none seems more trend-based than the potential convergence of all channels. But, is it just a trend?

Mass Communications 101

Traditionally, Marcom managers focus on their organization’s brand story. Academic and professional research writers have also developed the practice of using strategic elements of branding and marketing in order to ensure consistency of message delivery throughout their organization.

Marketing communications is focused on the product or service and is primarily concerned with the bottom line, while corporate communications typically deals with issue management, mergers and acquisitions, and sharing information, in general.

Add digital to the mix, and it’s amazing the extra mileage your brand gains in engagement, participation, loyalty, and online reputation.

However, convergence is still in the beginning merger phase of information design and distribution. We have moved from analog to digital in more ways than just electronics: content strategy and tactics has joined the communications movement:

// People (writers, editors, producers, advertisers)

// Content (print, audio, video, still pictures, ads)

// Technology (Internet, mobile phones, wearables, personal data assistants)

// Disciplines / Industries (journalism, graphic design, telecommunications, marketing and advertising, photography)

Do you have a brand story, but the challenge of stitching together disparate themes has you feeling stuck?

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