Is your content off-key?


A powerful word. One of its uses is in film: in one scene, her hair is parted on the right. The director cuts to a different angle in the same scene, but her hair is now parted on the left. Poor continuity.

Well, something akin to continuity struck me recently, as I did a quick read on Facebook. It was a post from a well-known life coach that I Like. She was asking what kind of digital camera she should buy. Something about this benign question just didn’t ring true that it was really from HER. And, if it was, it showed either a dullness in curiosity or pure click bait.

Granted, it could have just been a nice gesture to give her followers a voice. Let’s assume for a moment that it was actually posted from someone in her organization. Maybe they were just randomly thinking through potential topics that would garner the most Likes, Comments, Sharing … with the goal to target them in marketing efforts.

You just may have your own ghost poster (or maybe even an entire team of social media conversation managers) in your organization that you trust with your online reputation.

Hopefully, you want your content marketing efforts to come across as being genuine. How are you determining who’s looking for information on your blog? If your goal has a success metric, perhaps it’s wise to write with your audience in mind in order to add intrinsic value.

In our saturated media market, we rely on building credibility as much as conversion rates. So, help your peers and prospects help you by building a believable, authentic conversation platform that reveals your unique perspective, market insights, and value-added call to action.

Now, what kind of camera do YOU recommend [smile]?

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