If content is king, surely context is queen.

“Data is an abstract description of reality,” writes Jim Harris on his blog, Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality.

…The inconvenient truth is that the real world is not the same thing as these abstract descriptions of it, not even when we believe that data perfection is possible (or have managed to convince ourselves that our data is perfect).”

Insights from data are based on history and there is no fool-proof if-then clarity that is 100% right on.

So, how are we to strategize and not look like a weather reporter who frequently portends torrential rains and we are blessed with a streak of glorious sunshine and balmy nights…

We use data as a tool, understanding that trends and patterns are just one aspect of predicting behavior and action. Your call to action.

The other aspect is to look outside of your hyperfocus. Social, global, financial, spiritual. It’s a cauldron of context.

Stir it up and watch the magic unfold.