Conversion of the fittest

Have you taken the time to stop and think about the terms you use every day and what they actually mean?

We’re moving so fast and expanding our communication skills in real time that we adopt terms and apply them sometimes, without really analyzing the underlying meaning. Particularly how they pertain to the engagement journey. Choose one: awareness, consideration, purchase. Or whatever flavor-of-the-day sales funnel you’re currently wrapping around your sales goals.

The fact is, however you choose to define – and articulate − the conversion journey, what’s truly  important is that we view this process from the buyers’ perspective − not just the marketers’ filter.

Folks simply don’t want to be cajoled, guilt-tripped, or connived.

Increasing the relevance of your message is going to get you results.

That’s rule numero uno.

Plus, the nuances of your messaging along the way to the milestone or finish line are what turn a prospect turn a client.

Or a nibble into a bite. Or a Like into a Share.

It can be that granular.

And it all feeds the funnel.

Content marketing is not a one-way street or even a two-way avenue.

It’s an efficient system of channels that benefits from integrative content which allows your customers to get involved – on their terms.

Marketing’s role is to close any gaps by building a system so that, in every interaction, brand and culture are one.

That is the ultimate personalization.

Not just the demographics.

Not just the big data that tells us what your customers are saying.

It’s allowing them to know as much about you as you know about them.

Has there ever been a time in business where content that addresses their business pains while sharing your story in an authentic manner mattered more?

You may ask yourself, but what about measuring those conversions?

You’ve heard it a million times.

Measuring lead-stage effectiveness is all about ENGAGEMENT.

And welcoming the opportunity to do business with someone who is ready to buy.

Your content does that.

It primes the pump.

It nurtures them and helps them feel all glowy inside.

It closes the deal.