Have you been thinking about ways to extend your circle of influence besides the standard social scene?

Parker+Creative has several years of focused experience – and success – marketing messages with value-added email. An email program might just be what you need to engage your fans and prospects.

Value-Added Email Program

It’s not just about sales. That gets old and you will have much more of a challenge battling inbox clutter. Not to be confused with news jacking, your email marketing program will be designed to:

  • Hone your key differentiators
  • Leverage your thought leadership
  • Engage with your opt-ins in relevant ways

Program Brief

Your brief is developed using a proven, systematic lead generation onboarding and communication strategy.

  • It provides a road map to your program
  • It provides communication and prospecting plans
  • It summarizes the target audience and marketing segments you wish to engage
  • It helps us establish a baseline for your messaging conversion


  • An introductory email will provide key information in a promotion context about work, culture, and/or news within your organization
  • The most common type of content leverages timely articles and information we’ve found from industry thought leaders who are not your direct competitors and a relevant call to action will complement this key message (or series of messages)
  • Timely news about your organization can break up the pace, however, and build extra confidence with your unique brand and service offerings

Core Message

  • It supports the introductory email that you send out, which we can help craft
  • It invites them to contact you for additional information or to meet with you
  • It gives the prospect a feeling for what to expect in the coming weeks, with their permission
  • It helps builds momentum
  • It is also sent to all new waves


  • At a minimum, Parker+Creative will develop one email per month
  • A follow-up email will be developed and sent out to those who open and click through to your call to action

Next Steps

  • An initial virtual or onsite meeting is highly recommended
  • After the first draft of the program brief is completed, we will send it to you to review
  • We will follow up in a few days to see if there are any questions


  • We try to provide enough context in the brief so you get a real feeling for what your program is designed to do
  • We touch on the assets you have or will soon provide as program collateral, such as case studies, white papers, special graphics, video, links to podcasts … you name it!
  • We touch on who will provide the final topics on which to base the VAEs: will it be a collaborative effort, will you drive the content, or will you rely on us to move that along
  • If we write the content, we will provide a draft which needs to be reviewed and ultimately approved by you, before scheduling for development and deployment
  • The content is then integrated within a customized HTML template that either you or we have designed. That is something else that is mentioned in more detail in the brief.
  • Test emails are sent out and approved by you before sending to the target audience
  • Segmentation is possible
  • Optimization and testing are recommended along the way, as indicated by opens and clicks, conversion rates compared to current key performance indicators, which are discussed in the kick-off stage, and other metrics
  • A scorecard will be managed and presented monthly to determine incremental success of your program