As a collective society, we ,to some degree, a desire for escapism and avoidance of the mundane which has the potential to propel us to go above and beyond in our daily lives.

For many, as a result of exorcising the boredom and staleness of our humdrum lives, there can also be newfound hope as we work together to help our beloved become the next big thing, win the title, change the world … we become superfans without even trying.

Their mission becomes our mission.

This obsession can even inform our next project − or literally save us from the feelings of despair and defeatism − thinking we are alone in this big ol’ world.


Let’s just say that following the journey of a particular contestant – ViNO ALaN – on this popular reality show (since canceled in the USA, but alive and well in the UK) led to fan-atical immersion in the social phenom: tweeting, creating outrageous hashtags, obsessively checking in to our social groups and experiencing a feeling of soul connection with other superfans.

Just think of all what all that rapid-fire virtual voting could be applied to with a problem − personal or business.

In my case, it motivated me to find a professional opportunity to meet him and photograph him at his show in Rolla, Missouri after the X Factor season! And we are friends to this day.

There are similar stories to be told about our routine interventions in this world, whether externally focused or shared through divine reasoning and the grace of our personal God.

I’m pretty sure you have a fan story that changed your mental scene or helped someone break on through to the other side. Pray tell.