The steady mantra you’re undoubtedly hearing… get inside your customer’s state of mind.

If marketers were psychics, we’d all have retired on our casino winnings by now. That’s not even the case… But, even so, marketers are expected to be mind-readers and predict how consumers will react to a message at any given moment.

You already know you want your pitch to appear in the right place at the right time, but there is a third factor to consider: your customer’s state of mind. If you don’t pay enough attention to the emotional context of your message, it’s not just a missed opportunity – it could be a deal breaker.

The key is to equate your message with a positive experience. Or, at the very least, avoid being associated with something negative.

Target consumers when they’re grouchy, and you risk getting a social smack-down. Deliver your message when they’re already happy, and you’ll leave them feeling good about your brand.

Mobile and social media add another layer of complexity to the prediction predicament, because consumers can be targeted anytime, anywhere, in any state of mind. Someone checking Facebook or Twitter during a quick break from workday stress will read your message differently than someone scrolling through on a cell phone while idly waiting at the bus stop.

Care to learn more about how customizing your message to fit your customer’s mindset can sway a purchasing decision? Our expertise can boost the emotional appeal of your brand, and make a positive impression every time.

Carolyn Parker

Parker Creative Group

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