Welcoming people into your network is less of a hassle than you might think. Let’s start with what consumers expect businesses to know, according to the Email Experience Council:

  • The types of products or services they like (64 percent)
  • The types of offers they like (61 percent)
  • Whether they’re a new or returning customer (54 percent)
  • Their communication preferences (47 percent)

With those findings in mind, a good welcome campaign for your prospective customer or client might include:

  • A complimentary consultation
  • Assurance you are there to help
  • Confirmation of communication preferences
  • Promise of value-added future communication

By referencing recent purchase data and the source of the opt-in, you can add another layer of relevance.

For example, you might identify those who have signed up via the check-out process, and recognize this buyer behavior by tailoring the content around the product/service purchased, including any relevant cross-sell content. Make it dynamic, literally and figuratively!

Are you reaching everyone you can with the least amount of process drag?

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