Interviewing for a new gig or a potential client presents opportunities to get to know one another a little better. Here are some questions I’m often asked.

What do you feel is is your greatest strength?

If we’re talking about work, I’d say that definitely it’s expertise in planning, developing, and producing integrated Business to Consumer and Business to Business communications solutions through virtually all media and public relations channels, including social media and word of mouth marketing. To achieve success, I believe this takes a keen balance of analytical skills and creative sensibilities.

What do you feel is your greatest professional achievement (whether or not someone else has acknowledged it)?

Aside from advanced degrees in a field I chose early in life – one for which I financed myself, as well as received numerous academic awards, my most personally satisfying achievement was to lead a large, multifunctional group while at P&G in the standardization of reporting for digital marketing, worldwide. I subsequently introduced a project plan for scorecard automation to key internal business stakeholders, which was received with 100% acceptance. I also trained colleagues on the standardization process that I developed.

Another notable achievement was more recently, while at R&R Partners in Las Vegas, Nevada, for their primary client, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. During the last year, Vegas was hit hard in their core business segment: tourism. I strategized and facilitated numerous innovative campaigns that were met with huge success, particularly in terms of earned media value (free publicity), recognition by Google and YouTube as unique selling channels, and enabling paradigm shifts within the client regarding social media / user generated content.

If you had a magic wand, what type of work would you like to be doing, assuming the compensation matched your needs?

First, I would like to enjoy continued responsibilities blending traditional marketing with new media marketing to include, but not limited to, research, customer-relationship management, and public relations within Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 applications. I’d like to keep my options open to either working directly for someone or with someone as a Consultant. I think it’s important to have contingency plans in your personal and your professional life. In previous, more stable times, we were forced to make a choice. Now, I think we need to be agile so we can protect both turfs. And, I like to think I am a survivor.

Secondly, my passion for fine art photography blended with digital applications is becoming more important to me every day, and I am taking next steps to follow my lifelong dream to produce and exhibit my personal work.

Stay tuned!